How Home Depot Makes It Easy For You To Buy Stuff

Most creative people love the part of web design where they get to pick out colors and fonts that look great together. However, none of those things matter unless you’ve designed your website to make money. In this post, I’m going to take out all the finishing touch details, and teach you how a boring and mundane store does an excellent job of making it easy for their customers to buy their stuff.

So let’s look at how a boring and mundane store does an excellent job of making it easy for their customers to buy their stuff.

Welcome to Home Depot

You walk into your local home depot with a project in mind. You grab a cart and pause.

You look up to the signs to see where the aisle is that you need to get to. You look to the left and then the right. Ah, yes 6 aisles down on the right is where you need to go. You wheel your cart to the right and start chugging down the aisles.

Wow. These aisles are big. And I’m not bumping into old ladies. I can imagine that if I was wielding this big ass cart in the grocery store I’d be knocking Grandma out of the way and starting a fight.

“You bumped my cart. Get on your side of the aisle.” Grandma would say in that surly way only cantankerous old ladies can.

Instead I’m wheelin’ down the aisle like I’m on Route 66 with the wind in my hair. Nothing in my way and only sunshine ahead!

I get to my aisle and make a left to go directly to what I need. A door. And wouldn’t you know some dude with an Orange apron pops up, on cue, and helps me load it onto my large cart. Thankful again I don’t have one of those teeny tiny grocery store carts, this cart would be knocked over and I could have killed grandma by now if I had to do this in those puny grocery store aisles.

Helpful Home Depot Dude, remember they tell you they are here to help, asks me if I might need some nails and a hammer and some caulk to get my door in. Who doesn’t need some caulk, I say? …And nails, and a hammer. Thankfully they are right there and I don’t have to go to 3 more aisles to get caulk. And nails and a hammer.

I thank my Home Depot dude for the help with the door and handing me the caulk. And nails and a hammer. Then I tool on over to the checkout happy to hand over my money because they were there to help me and made it easy for me to buy stuff.

So what can we learn from Home Depot and apply it to your web design? It doesn’t have anything to do with the sparkly details but making money, honey.

How Home Depot Is Rocking It

Clear Navigation

Your website needs to make it easy for people to give you money for your services and products. When you have clear navigation, much like the signs in the aisleways at Home Depot, so people can learn more about you and find out how you can help them you are helping them to buy from you.

Column widths

You website needs to be laid out in a wide open and clear manner. Column widths, much like the wide aisles at Home Depot, make it easier for your clients to see what information you’re trying to get them to see. Think room to groove and white space.

Strategic Placement

Do you remind people of other services that you offer? Much like reminding me to buy caulk. And nails, and a hammer while I’m in the door aisle. Those items related to my end goal of getting that door in place, you need to be sharing related items with your clients when they are ready to buy or find out more about you. You need to remind your people of your other services at every turn on your website. You want to make it easy for your clients to buy from you.

Home Depot makes it easy to buy stuff, and I hope you’re making it easy for your clients to buy stuff from you, but if you need some help in making your website a money maker hire me to help you reach your business goals with a website review.

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